Cook County Middle School is located at the Cook County Schools Campus in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

In alignment with the district's mission, vision, and values, Cook County Middle School is committed to preparing each and every student to excel today and thrive tomorrow, while instilling a passion for learning. Our Middle School is highly dedicated and motivated to provide a high-quality education to the students of Cook County. All middle school students will be scheduled in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Physical Education.

Cook County Middle School operates on a four-period A/B block schedule. This means students will be enrolled in eight classes per semester, with four classes on A days and four classes on B days. Periods will be 88 minutes long with a 28 minute Advisory period in the middle of the day. Advisory period is a valuable time of day designed to give students a daily homeroom and a time during the day when they are able to check grades, work on homework, meet with teachers for help, complete make-up work/tests from missed class periods, meet with coaches or supervisors for various activities, and class meetings/presentations.

Josh Belanger
Principal PK-12
Cook County Schools
218.387.2271 x603