Facilities Information

General Information
The use of school facilities is arranged through the Community Education office located in the District Office, (218)387.2271 ext. 606.

Cook County Schools facilities are available during the school year from 6 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. Limited space is available during the school hours of 8 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. There is limited summertime availability due to building maintenance.

General Policies
K-12 recognized school functions, school organizations, and fundraising events contributing proceeds to school functions are our first priority.

First-come, first-served basis will be the general rule for school use facility permits after September 1 for regular school facilities. Only in unforeseen circumstances will the school preempt usage for school requirements and then as much advance notice, as possible will be given to scheduled users.

A responsible District #166 employee or trained building volunteer must be present whenever school facilities are in use. The Community Education Facilitator in cooperation with the administration, custodians, cooks, and other staff shall determine the need for personnel.

Facility use permits shall not be considered a lease. The Community Education Facilitator or Building Administrator may reject any application, cancel any permit, or refuse the use of certain school facilities.

Scheduling Procedures
A "School Facility Use Permit Application" can be picked up from the Community Education office or printed here. Please fill out and return at least 10 days in advance of the proposed date(s) of usage. Special requests and large groups may require more time to process.

To accommodate community requests, school district staff also need to fill out an application for school-related activities that extend before and/or after regular school hours.

Community Education will review the application, complete the approval section, and establish estimated costs according to the Facility Use Fee Schedule.

Applicant will be informed of request confirmation or denial and invoiced accordingly.

Cancellations and Changes
Cancellation of facility use must be made 48 hours in advance of the scheduled use or the user will be liable for all fees.

Changes or additions to your use permit must be made through the Community Education office at least one week in advance of scheduled use or the user may be charged $10.

Equipment Use
Due to the excessive wear and tear, ISD #166-owned equipment is generally not available for use outside of ISD #166 facilities. Any requests for equipment use off of school property must go directly to the Superintendent or Community Education Director and are subject to their discretion. The only exception to this is the LCD Projector Equipment that can be rented from Community Education.

Permit holders shall agree to indemnify the school district from any and all damage by a person or persons attending the activity, and indemnify the school district against any and all liability and any and all damages to person or persons.

District #166 may require groups to provide Comprehensive General Liability insurance coverage for $500,000 for bodily injury and property damage.

District #166 may not be held liable for loss or destruction of personal items.

Gambling or the use of tobacco, intoxicating beverages, or controlled substances anywhere in the or on the buildings and grounds is prohibited.

All local and state ordinances and laws of police and fire departments must be observed.

The permit holder shall assume full responsibility for any unlawful act committed by the facility use group during their activity.

Snow removal is not guaranteed on non-school days. Users who require snow removal must make arrangements in advance with the Community Education Department and will be charged appropriate fees.

Facility use permits will be canceled for youth activities when schools are closed due to inclement weather. Call the Community Education office by 3:oo p.m. for the status of evening building use by adults.

Cleanup and Property Damage
All groups are responsible for leaving the facilities in the same or better condition than found. If extra effort is required for cleanup following the use of facilities or damages occur, additional charges for personnel and facility repair costs will be billed to the user group.