Welcome to the Anishinaabe Academic Center site! Our staff is available to assist students and their families who live in Grand Portage, as well as American Indian students who live in other locations throughout Cook County. We provide both guidance and academic support to students, thanks to the Grand Portage Education Department. Our team also attends the monthly L.I.E.C. (Local Indian Education Committee) meetings in Grand Portage.

If a student needs guidance, they should get a pass from our staff to visit room 114. It is best for secondary students, grades 6-12, to get a pass to come during their advisory period, if possible. Passes will be provided for other times, when staff are available in the room.

We have staff who work in the elementary, middle and high school math and English classrooms. We are here to help build and strengthen both reading and math skills, as well as to provide tutoring and support in other subject areas.

Also, Ojibwe instruction is provided at multiple grade levels. Once students reach middle school and high school, they will have the opportunity to have classroom instruction provided by a teacher who is a native speaker!

Although staff are physically in many of the classrooms, if a student needs extra help or time understanding concepts and skills, they may request to have one of us assist them before or after school. Our staff asks for at least one day’s advance notice to make arrangements for before or after-school assistance. Grand Portage students who want to stay after school need to sign up for the late bus in the school’s main office in the morning on the day they plan to stay and work with us. It should be noted that there needs to be at least two students staying after (for athletics, academic support, or another school activity) for the Grand Portage Community Center to provide a late bus.