A distinct advantage vocal musicians have is that they are working to develop an instrument they have possessed their entire life. This means that everyone can succeed regardless of their level of musical experience.  Beginners and experienced music makers are welcome to join choir.

The first goal in vocal music is to learn to make your best sound.  That means identifying techniques that you are currently practicing that are helpful and working to improve the quality of that performance.  Better technique and practice will contribute to more confidence in singing.  

Pitch identification skills are an important component of choral focus.  Choral musicianship is also enhanced through studying rhythm and increasing in rhythmic proficiency.  These are important areas of study in choir. It is a fact that all people have musical ability.  Statistically 13% of the population have above average musical intelligence, 13% have below average musical intelligence, and the remaining 74% are average. This means that everyone can succeed.  There are natural leaders and those who need more repetitions to achieve success.  Everyone can be an important contributor in the choir and teamwork skills are an important daily objective.Music is a gift you can give yourself first and then share with others.  You benefit physically and emotionally and mentally from the experience of making music individually and as a team.  Choir students have shared their musical accomplishments with the community: singing frequently for the elders at the North Shore Care Center, honoring Veterans in the community Veterans Day and Memorial Day Ceremonies, sharing songs at the March E.A.T.S. event (a fundraiser sponsored by the Education Association to raise money for student education: Enriching Academics Through Sustenance), and by performing for the younger children here in the building.  The High School Choir also participated in the Boundary Waters Choral Festival prior to Covid restrictions.