Welcome! Cook County Schools support the health and safety of our students! We believe when a child feels good and secure they can perform their best and make the most of their academic experience!

As parents and caregivers, you are our best partners in caring for our students. Please view this site and the resource list for directions on how we can work together to meet the needs of your child while they are at school!

Keep your child home from school if he/she:

  • Has a fever of 100 Degrees or greater

  • Has diarrhea presently or in the past 24 hours

  • Has vomitted today or in the past 24 hours

  • Is coughing, has a runny nose or general body fatigue related to the common cold that distracts his or her ability to learn

  • Has a rash that the cause is unknown

  • Has itchy, watery, stinging eyes with or without drainage

Refer here for more information

Influenza Screening

CDC Respiratory Virus Guidance

Safe Return to In-Person Learning Plan (required for ESSER funding)