The Bug Box

Over the summer, a fellow colleague in Chaska, Minnesota introduced me to the concept of "The Bug Box." The Bug Box is a locked box that is safe and secure where students can leave me a note if something is bugging them.

How it works:

I introduce myself to each Elementary classroom and talk about the Bug Box and explain to them that I am another adult in the school that they can come to if they have a problem or worry that is making it difficult to concentrate in school. I inform the students that they can leave me a note in the Bug Box with their name and what is bugging them. The Bug Box is confidential. I show the students how secure it is and explain that the only one who will be checking the box is me, Mrs. Sandstrom. I also help the students identify other caring adults they can go to and that I am simply another option: Parents, teachers, principal, myself etc.

The hope of this box is to help all students feel comfortable expressing themselves if something is bugging them, to help teach students the skills necessary to resolve problems on their own and to help them identify how to ask for help when a problem gets too big for them to handle on their own.

The Bug Box is located on the outside of Mrs. Sandstrom's room(next to the Elementary Library).

Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you have questions about "The Bug Box."

Contact: Anna Sandstrom